Alignor | John G. Shulman


John G. Shulman is an experienced attorney, negotiator, entrepreneur and public speaker skilled in the art and science of interest-based negotiation. With an A.B. in English from Harvard College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, Mr. Shulman trained with leaders in the negotiation field. Mr. Shulman has worked with the Harvard Program on Negotiation on a project in the Middle East addressing conflict over Gaza and the West Bank. He has provided negotiation and conflict resolution training to United Nations personnel at the War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda. Mr. Shulman is a founder of the Center for Negotiation and Justice at William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota and is a Visiting Professor at the National Law University, Delhi, India.

Mr. Shulman has employed advanced interest-based strategies with a wide variety of clients, including 3M, AstraZeneca, ABN AMRO Bank, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cadbury, the CCIM Institute, Cummins, Delta Air Lines, Disney, General Mills, the Government of India, HealthPartners, Imation, International Dairy Queen, the Municipality of Dubai, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the NAACP, PanAmSat, Pepsico, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Schwan’s, SuperValu, Syngenta, Thomson Reuters, the United Nations, the US State Department and GSA, US Bank, and Xcel Energy.

Based on the business impact of Alignor’s approach work, Imation Corp. awarded Mr. Shulman its prestigious “Chairman’s Business Turning Point Award” in 2002.

Mr. Shulman has conducted seminars and training workshops for thousands of business executives and managers, judges, attorneys, commercial real estate professionals, government officials and community leaders in interest-based approaches to negotiation, sales, persuasion, account management, supply chain management, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

Mr. Shulman has written numerous books on negotiation and conflict resolution. He has also written fiction, including a recently published children’s fantasy novel set in the Himalayas, “The Lama, the Snow Leopard and the Thunder Dragon.” Along with one of the co-founders of Alignor, Mr. Shulman wrote and directed the award-winning human rights movie ‘JUSTICE.’

“When I started out as a negotiator, I thought it was all about the deal. Now I know there is a lot more to every negotiation than meets the eye. Finding common ground with others may be a lot of work, but when it happens, it feels like magic.”