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Alignor is the world leader in performance improvement solutions utilizing the interest-based approach that drives results and build relationships.

Alignor offers world class learning experiences that target specific business issues and develop key skills for measurable business impact.

Our online Learning Journeys, data analytics and tools are designed to deliver a competitive advantage for your organization with results you can measure.

18 to 1 ROI from Sales Training

Within six months of training 80 field reps and sales managers, a major consumer products company documented an 18 to 1 return on investment. The six-month increase in sales directly linked to use of the Alignor methodology was over $3,000,000.

16 to 1 ROI from Negotiation Training

Less than a year after training over 200 account managers, a Fortune 500 information technology services company reported a 16 to 1 return on investment. The increase in sales tied to use of the Alignor model was over $8,000,000.

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