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Alignor is the world leader in performance improvement solutions utilizing the interest-based approach to negotiation, persuasion and leadership development. We customize our training sessions to meet your business objectives and deliver a competitive advantage with results you can measure.
Alignor offers world class training for sales negotiations, collaboration and managing through change. We offer in-person training, consultations on real-life business challenges, and a suite of technology-enabled tools and blended learning options that fit a variety of learning styles and budgets.
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18 to 1 ROI from Sales Training

Within six months of training 80 field reps and sales managers, a major consumer products company documented an 18 to 1 return on investment. The six-month increase in sales directly linked to use of the Alignor methodology was over $3,000,000.

16 to 1 ROI from Negotiation Training

Less than a year after training over 200 account managers, a Fortune 500 information technology services company reported a 16 to 1 return on investment. The increase in sales tied to use of the Alignor model was over $8,000,000.

“We found Alignor so valuable it became a cornerstone of Imation’s operations, augmenting our financial discipline.”
BILLION DOLLAR TURNAROUND: The 3M Spinoff that Became Imation
Chairman and CEO (retired) Imation