Online Learning Games

Alignor’s online learning games offer superior learner engagement with realistic scenarios, challenging characters and targeted feedback. Based on global best practices and proven techniques, these engaging, scenario-based learning games teach sales professionals and other learners key skills for success. Alignor offers game-based certifications of key skills, such as communicating a price increase, managing through change, and handling difficult conversations. Alignor also provides full reporting of individual and organizational tendencies, including strengths and skill gaps to be addressed. Alignor’s games can be configured for organizational or industry context. 


Alignor’s online learning games have been used by thousands of sales professionals and other learners at Fortune 500 companies to build, reinforce and hone key sales, management and leadership skills. Leaders, trainers and L&D professionals have leveraged Alignor’s learning content and games to improve results across the enterprise.


94% of the thousands of learners and managers from Fortune 500 companies who have completed Alignor Learning Journeys rate them as effective in teaching key skills.

AlignorSkills Toolkit

Alignor offers a suite of world class, online performance support tools that supplement its training and consulting services. When offered in connection with a skill-building initiative, Alignor’s performance support tools promote adoption and implementation of the interest-based model. The tools build on the interest-based model taught in Alignor trainings and utilized by effective negotiators.

Alignor’s performance web-based support tools provide:

  • A simple structure for implementing and reinforcing the interest-based model
  • Compelling deliverables that demonstrate where stakeholders have alignment or conflict
  • Tools that guide participants to important information about stakeholder interests and options for satisfying those interests
  • Assessment tools that assist individuals in focusing their skill development
  • Comprehensive data analytics and reporting to identify organizational strengths and skill gaps
  • Guided, data-driven insights for coaching teams to improve targeted business outcomes
  • Webinars and peer networks
  • Books, manuals and job aids


Alignor’s performance support tools have been used by thousands of sales professionals, account managers, and business managers to achieve superior results and solve business challenges.


Alignor’s performance support tools have been adopted for core business processes, such as sales and account management, by numerous Fortune 500 organizations. Designed for negotiators by negotiators, Alignor’s tools are both state-of-the-art and user-friendly. The tools supplement learning and reinforce negotiation best practices.


Alignor clients love the ease of use and practicality of Alignor’s tools. The deliverables generated by the tools, such as targeted Talking Points, keep people focused on what matters in a way that generates unique value.

Alignor’s content, instruction methodologies, and delivery methods are among the best I have seen either in India or overseas. Our managers demonstrated a measurable improvement in core skills after working with Alignor.
Regional Vice President HR (India & China)
Matrix Laboratories Limited, a subsidiary of Mylan Inc.