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Archie Mascarenhas

Archie Mascarenhas is a design strategist and entrepreneur with over 24 years of professional experience spanning media technology, visual communications & e-learning. As Chief Technology Officer, Archie combines his expertise in these disciplines in developing Alignor’s games and performance support tools.

From a computer technology background, Archie was keen on leveraging emerging technology for learning and skill building. He has worked extensively with multinationals and institutions globally to develop games, simulations, and tools. He focuses on interactive and immersive learning strategies for training professionals and students on life skills, management practices, and processes.

Archie has also founded a user experience design company and a branding & communications studio. He collaborates with entrepreneurs and start-ups in product design and technology strategy. He also consults and conducts training in the areas of learning design, visualization and content engineering.

Technology lets you crunch years of experience, global practices and insights into simple tools, that enable you to learn and apply advanced skills with amazing results.