Ask Alignor

How can I tell if my analysis and strategy are biased toward my own perspective?

This is a great question. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. On the other hand, by asking the question, you demonstrate the very sort of self-awareness that helps you avoid (or at least manage) bias in your analysis of the needs of other stakeholders. The best way to avoid such bias is to put yourself in the shoes of other stakeholders and ask yourself what you would want if you were they. You can test your assumptions about the needs of others by talking to them about their needs and listening carefully to what they say. You can also evaluate your assumptions for bias by checking to see if your analysis shows the needs of stakeholders to be aligned even when there has been conflict on certain issues. That may be a good indication that you have skewed the analysis toward your own views and needs. Finally, if other stakeholders respond positively when you describe your understanding of their needs, you can be pretty sure you have not unduly biased your analysis of their needs.