Ask Alignor

How should I deal with negotiation tactics?

Negotiation tactics are often used by difficult people for the purpose of gaining the upper hand in negotiations. For example, tactical negotiators may do things like make last minute additional demands, use personal attacks, lie to you, take extreme positions, use time pressure, or claim a lack of authority. They do these things in order to cause you to be less strategic. The first step in dealing effectively with tactics is recognizing what tactic is being used against you and why. Once you have identified the tactic, you should evaluate whether the person using the tactic has legitimate interests you have not satisfied in the negotiation. If so, you can consider brainstorming options to satisfy those legitimate interests. You should also evaluate your “fighting alternatives” to determine whether and when it may make sense to communicate or implement consequences against the difficult negotiator. If you decide to communicate “fighting alternatives” to the other person, be sure to do so in a calm and strategic manner. This increases the likelihood that the difficult, tactical negotiator will understand why they should stop using tactics and instead adopt a more collaborative, problem-solving approach to the negotiation.