Ask Alignor

If I have to say “No” to someone, how should I do it?

It can be difficult to say “no” to someone, especially if you value the relationship with that person and they want you to say “yes.” But sometimes you know you should say “no” even though by doing so you will disappoint others. How can you say “no” in a manner that does not unduly harm relationships? First, you should explain your reasons for saying no. That way, the other person can understand why you are saying “no.” This gives the other person an opportunity to present any relevant new information they may have that could change your decision. Second, you might also consider whether there are other things you could do to help the other person now or in the future. Third, you should be polite and firm when you say “no,” especially if you expect the other person to try to change your mind. Finally, you should be aware that in some cultures, it is considered impolite and even inappropriate to say “no” explicitly, particularly to people higher up in the social hierarchy. When dealing with such cultural constraints, you should be very careful about how you say “no,” and you should understand that others may not say the word “no” to you even though they have decided not to do what you are asking them to do.