Ask Alignor

Is it ever too late to use stakeholder interests analysis?

It is rarely too late to use the Alignor 3-Step model. While it may be advantageous to use the model as early as possible, the stakeholder needs analysis on which the model is based is an effective way to think late in the process, particularly when you run into impasse or other difficulties. In those situations, the Alignor 3-Step model can help you find breakthrough opportunities, such as critical interests that might be inexpensively satisfied or possible negotiation options that had not previously been considered. Similarly, risk analysis may help stakeholders calibrate their expectations for negotiated agreement and get negotiations back on track. Or perhaps the risk analysis reveals that the deal being contemplated makes no sense because it is worse than a viable alternative. The reason it is preferable to use the Alignor 3-Step model at an early stage is you can often explore the widest range of possible options when you start the negotiation in a strategic, disciplined, process-driven manner. You can often avoid negotiation pitfalls (such as impasse) if you have prepared effectively and are implementing the optimal strategy identified through your interest-based analysis.