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Jeanne Marie Almonor

Jeanne-Marie Almonor

Jeanne-Marie Almonor is an expert negotiator and co-founder of Alignor. Jeanne-Marie is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where she studied with Professor Roger Fisher, co-author of the seminal work on interest-based negotiating, Getting to Yes. Jeanne-Marie provides negotiation and conflict resolution training to United Nations personnel at the UN War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda.

Jeanne-Marie has worked in private legal practice as a litigator and negotiator, representing large corporate clients and handling high profile public interest litigation for more than a decade. Jeanne-Marie has pioneered innovative and effective approaches to implementing interest-based analysis in large organizations. Prior to co-founding Alignor, Jeanne-Marie worked as Executive Director of India Operations for Grupo Televisa, a Mexican-based multinational corporation in the entertainment industry.

Jeanne-Marie has conducted negotiation training workshops for hundreds of attorneys, business people, and other negotiators.

Along with one of the co-founders of Alignor, Jeanne-Marie wrote and directed the award-winning and critically acclaimed human rights movie ‘JUSTICE.’

“At Harvard, I learned the importance of relationships. Don’t take advantage of someone today hoping you won’t see them tomorrow-people have a long memory, and if you are lucky there are a lot of tomorrows.”