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Jim Hilbert

Jim Hilbert

Jim Hilbert is an experienced attorney, negotiator, public speaker and instructor, combining all four disciplines in his approach to decision-making strategies and interest-based negotiation. Jim has participated in the development of Alignor’s training programs and materials for applying interest-based analysis to negotiation, leadership development, conflict resolution and settlement strategy.

Jim has lectured and served as a guest speaker at public and private sector conferences throughout the U.S. on topics of negotiation, conflict resolution, civil rights and education policy. He has also designed and led a variety of negotiation and leadership development workshops for business executives and managers, lawyers, community activists and human resources professionals.

Jim received his BA from Carleton College, and his JD from University of Minnesota Law School. Jim was awarded a fellowship after law school at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Race and Poverty. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at William Mitchell Law School, where he teaches negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, and has been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, where he taught negotiation.

Along with the co-founders of Alignor, Jim was a producer of the critically acclaimed civil rights movie ‘JUSTICE.’