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Major Negotiations and Training Success



High Stake Negotiations

Harvard Program on Negotiation’s Israeli Settlements Project: Alignor management is working on a three-person team led by Harvard Law Professor Robert Mnookin to facilitate ongoing dialogue among Israeli leaders. Dialogue focuses on internal conflict among Israelis over withdrawal from settlements in Gaza and the West Bank.
International Media Joint Venture: Alignor management negotiated joint venture for television production and distribution in India. Parties included major Mexican, British, Chinese and Indian media companies.
Resolution of Disputes with American Partner and Japanese Competitors: Representing American high tech manufacturer, negotiated settlement of antitrust and intellectual property claims against American partner and Japanese competitors.
Resolution of Labor Strike in India: Alignor management team negotiated resolution of labor strike that had closed automotive component manufacturing facility in India.


Major School District Teacher Contract: Facilitated contract negotiations between large urban school district and its teachers’ union. Using interest-based analysis, explored non-traditional options for improving teacher performance and student achievement.
Settlement of Multinational Litigation: Alignor management negotiated settlement of litigation in the United States and South Africa involving American company, South African company and German manufacturer. Settlement ensured an ongoing business arrangement between the parties.
Film Actor Contracts, Licensing and Distribution Deals: Negotiated multiple agreements in the entertainment business. Deals included actor contracts, licensing of music and other rights, and television and home video deals in the United States and international territories.
Settlement of School Desegregation Cases: Representing the NAACP and several families, negotiated groundbreaking settlement of school desegregation litigation with State of Minnesota, Minneapolis school district and suburban districts.


Training ROI

ROI of 18 to 1 from Sales Negotiation Training: Within six months of training 80 field reps and managers, a major consumer products company documented an 18 to 1 return on investment based on the new revenue directly attributed by field reps to their use of the Alignor process. The cost accounting included all salaries, travel costs, and Alignor’s fees. The six-month increase in revenue directly linked to use of the Alignor process was over $3,000,000.
ROI of 16 to 1 from Training Account Managers: Less than one year after training over 200 account managers, a Fortune 500 information technology services company reported a 16 to 1 return on investment based on the new revenue directly attributed by account managers to their use of the Alignor process. The ROI took into account the salaries and travel costs of all training attendees, administrative overhead, and Alignor’s fees. The increase in revenue tied to use of the Alignor process was over $8,000,000.