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Ongoing Support



Alignor provides comprehensive support services for organizations implementing the Alignor model. Alignor has a robust instructor training and certification program. Alignor also offers coaching, webinars, webcasts, telephone and email support. Alignor’s professional team shares with clients its extensive experience applying the interest-based model to a wide variety of real world negotiation and business challenges. Alignor’s experts work closely with their client’s HRD leaders and team members to ensure successful adoption and implementation of the interest-based model.

In addition, Alignor provides world class performance support tools that reinforce the interest-based model and facilitate sharing of best practices across the client’s organization.

Expertise and Experience

Alignor has worked closely with HRD professionals in dozens of large organizations to ensure that the interest-based model is not merely embraced during a “training event” but is actually implemented and supported on an ongoing basis in the field. Alignor has a strong Instructor Training model that leverages the capabilities of L&D professionals to support their people.

Customer Feedback

HRD professionals consistently report that the Alignor interest-based model is “transformational.” They not only recommend the model to their organizations but incorporate the model and tools in their own professional development.

“I have been to the Harvard program and other high-level negotiation trainings, and Alignor has the best tools and process I have ever seen for implementing an interest-based approach to negotiation.”
Vice President
US Bank