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Alignor’s online learning games offer superior learner engagement with realistic scenarios, challenging characters and targeted feedback. Based on global best practices and proven techniques, these engaging, scenario-based learning games teach sales professionals and other learners key skills for success. Alignor offers game-based certifications of key skills, such as communicating a price increase, managing through change, and handling difficult conversations. Alignor also provides full reporting of individual and organizational tendencies, including strengths and skill gaps to be addressed. Alignor’s games can be customized for organizational or industry context. A one-year subscription to all content in Alignor’s learning portal is $50.

Expertise and Experience

Alignor’s online learning games have been used by thousands of sales professionals and other learners at Fortune 100 companies to build, reinforce and hone key sales, management and leadership skills. Leaders, trainers and L&D professionals have leveraged Alignor’s learning content and games to improve results across the enterprise.

Customer Feedback

Thousands of users from Fortune 100 companies give the games an average rating of 4.25 (out of 5), with over 90 percent agreeing or strongly agreeing the games are effective in teaching key skills.

“I found the learning valuable. Wish I had it three months ago! I learned just as much from getting an answer wrong as I did getting it correct the first go around.”
National Account Manager
Fortune 100 Company