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Sales Training Results



Sales Professional Uses Alignor Process to Secure Huge Increase above Quota and Lock in Substantial Up-Sell ($12M): Leveraging a good relationship with a major account, the account manager used the Alignor process to develop an interest-based proposal that addressed the account’s most critical needs. In addition to winning a huge increase, which was well above quota, the account manager was also able to secure a number of substantial up-sells.
Sales Team Expands Existing Contract with Major Account and Kicks out Competition ($4.5M): Using the Alignor process, the sales team designed an interest-based proposal (after identifying all of the key stakeholders and their critical interests) to expand the relationship with the account and kick out the competition, beating quota as well. The account was so excited about the deal that it gave gifts to the account manager and her boss.
Highly Profitable Proposal Built from the Alignor Process Secures Large Account from Competitor ($382K):On the heels of an Alignor sales negotiation training, an account manager used the Alignor process to conduct an interest analysis of a large account held by a competitor. After the resulting interest-based proposal was accepted, a department head at the account remarked that it was like getting “our wish list.”
Sales Professional Prevents Major Account from Switching to Competitor ($300K): A procurement VP at a major account planned a switch to a competitor because of price. The sales professional used the Alignor process to lock in the deal with the major account by identifying critical interests that could be easily satisfied and key stakeholders whose interests would be harmed by the switch.


Talking Points Built from Alignor Process Wins New Account Away from Competitor ($120K): The sales team converted this account by using the Alignor process to identify the particular interests of the account and design talking points that linked offerings to the account’s critical needs. The sales team also used the Alignor process to educate the account on the disadvantages of not making the switch.
Sales Manager Builds Creative Solution with Key Internal Stakeholders of Major Account to Retain Deal ($110K): Sales manager identified key allies within a potential partner that had already locked in a long term deal with a competitor. The key allies signed a separate agreement with the sales manager that addressed their critical needs and kept the account.
Shifting Negotiation from Price to Overall Value Locks in Major Account ($96K/Year): A major account was threatening to switch to a cheaper competitor. The sales professional used the Alignor process to demonstrate how its proposal fit the partner’s overall needs and could be used more effectively than cheaper competitive offers.
Sales Team Takes Back a Key Account from Competitor ($86K): The sales team used the Alignor process to identify and communicate negative consequences of a switch to a competitor. This prompted the account to secure an out clause in its contract with the competitor, which it exercised after experiencing the negative consequences.