Ask Alignor

Should I have other stakeholders participate when I do my stakeholder needs analysis?

It can be a good idea to include other stakeholders when you generate your stakeholder needs analysis, particularly when you are working in a team where you will require the buy-in of others. The two criteria you may want to consider in deciding whether to include others are: 1) whether you have the time and opportunity to bring all key stakeholders together (in person or virtually); and 2) whether you feel the other stakeholders will be open to participating in such a planning session. Sometimes–such as when there has been a lot of conflict, or certain people have been difficult–it may make more sense for you to do your stakeholder needs analysis on your own initially so that you can develop a strategy for how to deal with the conflict or how to handle the difficult people. Even when you do the analysis first on your own (or perhaps with a small group), you can later share and test your assumptions with other stakeholders as you refine your strategy and attempt to generate buy-in.