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What are the possible costs of not being assertive?

There are many posssible costs of not being assertive. Perhaps the most important potential cost is the damage to your self-esteem when you continually choose not to be assertive, even when you know things are not right. If you continually fail to be assertive in those situations, you may come to feel that you lack agency. This is a very damaging situation when it occurs. Also, when you know something is not right but you fail to assert yourself, you may unnecessarily allow harm to occur to others (and your organization). When you are not assertive, you may fail to get credit for your good work. You may not be taken as seriously by those around you, and your career and relationships could suffer as a result. While it may be tempting to minimize in your mind these potential costs of failing to be assertive, you should think them through carefully before you choose this path.