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What if I get emotional when I deal with other people?

It can be very difficult to manage your emotions when dealing with other people, particularly when something is important to you and the other person will not cooperate with you. At the same time, the ability to manage your emotions is a key to dealing with other people effectively and to finding happiness in life! What are some effective ways to manage your emotions in tough circumstances? First, and most important, make sure you are aware when your emotions seem to be getting out of hand. If you find yourself feeling angry, upset or frustrated when you are dealing with someone, consider taking a time out. Find a way to disengage from the other person so that you have time and space to think through what is happening and why. Some effective ways to relieve the immediate stress of difficult interactions include: 1) become aware of your breathing; 2) use physical exercise or other constructive ways to relieve the stress from your interactions; or 3) find a friend to talk with and get another perspective. When you are ready to think things through, consider what caused you to become so emotional. If you have critical needs that are not being satisfied, consider new and creative options for satisfying those needs. If you are dealing with someone who will not cooperate with you, consider whether that person has legitimate needs you have not been able to satisfy. Also consider what consequences, if any, you are willing to impose on the other person if they continue to refuse to cooperate with you. Finally, prepare yourself with a comprehensive strategy before your next interaction with the other person. Be realistic about what you are prepared to do; and hold yourself accountable for implementing your plan in a calm, strategic manner.