Ask Alignor

What is the best way to build trust with someone you do not know?

Sometimes it is easy to build trust in new relationships. Other times, it can be much harder. As a general rule, the key to building trust fast is to communicate clearly and be sure you keep all commitments you make. What should you communicate about? Start with making sure you understand the actual needs of the other person. You can make educated assumptions about that person’s needs and most important, you should listen actively to the other person. Once you are sure you understand the other person’s needs, communicate options for satisfying those needs. Be flexible and creative in looking for ways to satisfy the other person’s needs. Finally, when you have decided what commitments you are prepared to make to satisfy the other person’s needs (and get your own needs satisfied), be sure that your commitments are doable in the short term. That way, you can demonstrate through your actions that you are trustworthy.