Ask Alignor

What is the best way to get someone to collaborate with me?

Simply put, the most effective way to convince other people to collaborate with you is to show them what is in it for them! In addition, it is important to model collaborative behavior so that others gain confidence in your willingness and ability to deliver what you promise. How can you show others what is in it for them? First, communicate a sincere desire to understand each person’s interests or needs. Then, once you have demonstrated a sound understanding of their needs, try to come up with ways to collaborate that will satisfy those needs and also satisfy your own needs. If the other person still seems reluctant to collaborate with you, ask why they will not collaborate. Do they have critical needs that may not be satisfied by collaborating? Do they feel they will more effectively satisfy their needs if they do not collaborate with you? If you keep your tone friendly and avoid confrontational or emotional language, you can often persuade others to see the benefits of collaborating!