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Why is stakeholder needs analysis so effective?

Simply put, stakeholder needs analysis works because people make decisions based on: 1) their perception of their needs; and 2) how their needs will be affected by various possible collaboration options and alternatives. If you understand the needs of other stakeholders (including some needs other stakeholders themselves may not have considered), you maximize your ability to develop effective strategies to satisfy your own needs either by collaborating with others or, if necessary, by harming the needs of others who refuse to collaborate with you. Rather than focus on your own needs in isolation, stakeholder needs analysis enables you to ground your decision-making in the reality that other stakeholders with whom you may choose to collaborate (or not collaborate) will also pursue strategies to satisfy their needs by collaborating (or not collaborating) with you! In sum, when you are dealing with other peope, the better you understand the needs of others, the more likely you will be to develop an effective (i.e., realistic) strategy for satisfying your own needs.