Ask Alignor

Why should I do a stakeholder needs analysis if I already know what to do?

If you already know what to do, it is not necessary to put together a stakeholder needs analysis. This may be the case for very simple, routine situations. On the other hand, when you skip the stakeholder needs analysis, you run the risk that by jumping to conclusions or solutions, you may be leaving value on the table. In other words, you may find breakthrough possibilities when you uncover unanticipated needs in your stakeholder needs analysis, or when you discover new options during your brainstorming of options that create value and improve relationships. When you are proficient at stakeholder needs analysis, you should be able to do the 3 step Alignor analysis quickly and with minimal effort. Such preparation will bring you confidence that you haven’t missed a key stakeholder or need or possible options or consequences. Finally, when you are working within a team or in a cross-functional environment, one benefit of your analysis can be the ability to communicate your strategy with others internally in an extremely efficient and persuasive manner.